• Karen Akunowicz

Pork Belly Porchetta Recipe


  • 1 whole pork belly 2 thinly sliced asian pears

  • 2 cups of rehydrated chopped shiitake mushrooms

  • 1.5 c of pork sausage (ground)

  • ½ c of frissee or arugula

  • sliced fennel

  • salt and pepper

  1. Lay pork belly out flat slice in half (1 inch more than ½).

  2. Using the larger piece, score the rind side.

  3. Season liberally with salt and pepper.

  4. Layer shiitake, pear and sausage in that order.

  5. Roll up and tie like a roast.

  6. Marinate with chopped ginger garlic and scallion as well as black vinegar.

  7. Add 1 pint of water and pear cores to a hotel pan, place a rack over them place the porchetta on the rack.

  8. Roast for 1 hour in a 300 degree oven, at 1 hour flip the porchetta, repeat 2x (3 hours total flipped 2x)

  9. Crank oven up to 500 for an additional 15 minutes to crisp up skin

  10. Cool at room temperature

  11. Wrap, catering style, VERY TIGHT and refrigerate

  12. Slice ¼ of an inch and grill to pick up

-Sweet Soy Vinaigrette-

  • 1 cup black vinegar

  • 1 cup sweet oy

  • 1 T whole grain mustard

  • 2 oz olive oil


-6 minute eggs-

1. Bring a pot of water up to a boil 2. Add in a dozen eggs and simmer for 6 min 3. Shock IMMEDIATELY in ice water 4. Peel 5. Refrigerate, and pop in the steamer on the pick.  6. Slice the porchetta and grill on both sides until warm all of the way through and the fat is crispy. Plate on a salad of frissee and sliced fennel dressed with sweet soy vinaigrette. 7. Top with the soft egg and slice open when ready to eat.


©2018 Karen Akunowicz