Pot stickers, shumai, mandu, momos, pierogi, tortelli, ravioli, even tamales – dumplings come in lots of different shapes and sizes, all of them delicious. That’s why I was so excited this spring when we hosted Karen Akunowicz, executive chef atMyers + Chang, to talk about the art of crafting the perfect dumpling here in the Formaggio Kitchen classroom.

Karen talked us through the basic technique behind different dumpling shapes – from elegantly simple half moons to the tortellini-like curved “belly-button” fold – and sampled out finished products, featuring Myers + Chang’s pork and scallion, braised beef, and wasabi mustard green and edamame fillings. In addition to recipes and reference sheets, participants also got the opportunity for a surprise hands-on session at the end of Karen’s talk! A few extra tips and tricks from Karen’s watchful eye (for example – always fold the belly-button away from you to get the perfect height-to-weight ratio) proved to all of us that a little practice makes all kinds of dumplings an easy and delicious way to impress your friends and family at home.

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