I have been "at the pass" with Karen, Executive Chef at Myers + Chang, on a number of occasions.  This particular afternoon, we sat down over Japanese green and jasmine hot tea and chat about her culinary and life paths.  Karen is one of those chefs that will remain eternally humble throughout all of her successes.  She has the type of personality that draws people to her.

I've adored Chef Akunowicz and her extreme talent for a couple of years now, ever since attending her "Sexy Summer Salads" cooking class back in 2012.  You can read about the class, here.  Chef hosts a number of different class throughout the year.  I advise you to go to the Myers + Chang website to sign up now as they fill very quickly.  I'd suggest that you sign up for their email list to learn about classes first.  They are held the first Saturday of the month.  Three dates are usually posted...

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